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Unhastily assembled: Don’t Worry and Coyle Girelli review

Don't Worry and Coyle Girelli review

Coyle Girelli – Here Comes My Baby

Genre: Americana, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Cigarettes After Sex, The War On Drugs, Radiohead, Father John Misty, Lana Del Rey, Mazzy Star

Classic cinema is where one can truly witness the arc of characters that pop stars attempt to embody. Sure, everyone dreams of being a rebel without a cause. It seems incredibly romantic to leave without consequences. It’s very appealing to assume that the world will love you no matter your actions. 

Others try to play the part of the villain. They might not receive the word’s affection wholeheartedly. but, if their dastardly tricks are clever enough, they’ll certainly avoid being forgotten. 

But, everyone knows that the greatest character is the one that plays the lead. Being the one that everyone stares at lovingly has the most perks. 

Coyle Girelli’s love song of Here Comes My Baby allows the singer to play the lead. This is, without a doubt, a tender love song, the kind that most alternative-rockers wouldn’t even attempt to write. 

Coyle Girelli avoids stumbles, walks straight, smoothly, gracefully throughout, throwing lines meant to have the audience swooning. It goes to prove that, if you can play the starting part, you certainly should give it a try. 

Don’t Worry-  Head’s Chocka

Genre: Indie Rock

Similar artists: Built To Spill, Pavement, Blur

Don’t Worry sound like slackers with a goal on Head’s Chocka.

Blur spent the beginning of their career convincing audiences of their Britishness. Depending on who you ask, they did a convincing job. So much so that they were included in what the press hungrily titled “The Battle of Britpop“. 

They then spent the rest of their careers sounding as if they’d never heard of Britain. Their first attempt at global citizenship status was trying to nick some of the ideas of the indie-rock bands of the U.S.A. 

Bands like Pavement not only had an interesting guitar sound. Unlike Blur, they had an attitude that suggested ambition wasn’t high on their list of priorities. This wasn’t true, of course. 

And, it’s not true for Don’t Worry on their single Head’s Chocka. Although you wouldn’t know it from hearing the vocals, the lyrics, or reading the song’s title. By the sound of it, this is highly ambitious indie rock made by lifelong slackers.

Coyle Girelli - Here Comes My Baby


Don't Worry-  Head's Chocka




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