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Dope Lemon and Generous Gods tend to the public’s retro-rock needs on new singles

Dope Lemon and Generous Gods

Generous Gods – Spilling My Blood

If your passion for modern music started early in your life, chances are that you remember hearing mere seconds of tunes that would later become your favourites or buying records based on the artwork alone. It’s hard to understate the mysterious potential of first coming into contact with a good rock n’ roll album. 

The chances of this happening nowadays are slimmer, not only because of your potential jadedness, but because, likely, you have heard so many varieties of your favourite records that it is hard to distinguish cutting-edge music from mere copycats. 

I knew I liked Generous Gods’ Spilling My Blood from the first moment I glanced at the surrealist artwork and the first seconds of their middle-Eastern tinged riffs. Psychedelic-rock groups have a habit of taking their sweet time to unpack their musical ideas, by the Gods have a vision as clear as someone that’s just collected a bronze sobriety chip. Good, focused, trippy rock n’ roll. 

Dope Lemon – Rose Pink Cadillac

In music, much life in life, you either learn from the past, or you learn to get comfortable making the same mistakes. The minority that qualifies for the first category tends to go far, forge a career, move to a bigger city, forget friends and buy a house on the hill. 

Learning and adapting is, however, not as easy as it seems. As you read this, spare a thought for the hundreds of songwriting teams, usually numbering upwards of five people, hired by record labels and publicists to produce a new pop hit based on the existing preferences of the public. 

A lot of data exists, and formulas for what qualifies as a hit can be concocted. There’s still that human touch with which to contend. Dope Lemon’s Rose Pink Cadillac is the rare number that manages to scan over the past, wrap it up in a groove and send it off to meet the numerous fans who will, very likely, embrace it. The greatest music AI remains a record collector with a pair of worn-out dancing shoes and this single process it. 

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