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Art house after dark: Doxy and Chewy review

Doxy and Chewy review

Chewy – Melt Thru

Genre: Punk, Noise Rock, Math Rock

Similar artists: Deerhoof, black midi, The Dismemberment Plan, Lightning Bolt, Osees

For an artistic movement obsessed with freedom, rock music is often formulaic to the point of making plagiarism a requirement. Even underground bands know this and nod along. Mostly, if their sound and image don’t fit in with those of their contemporaries, they’ll be stuck practicing in their bedrooms forever. 

That’s why, normally, you are able to know what genre a song fits into from the very first bars. If you’ve heard enough pop music, you will know where the chorus kicks in, and where the break is supposed to go. And, if you want to do something a bit different, you are in danger of being turned on to something like Frank Zappa. Tread at your own risk. 

Chewy’s Melt Thru sounds like music that is in a constant state of mutation. It’s not turning into a butterfly though. It’s often ugly, and difficult to grasp. But, it’s played with excitement, a bit of humor, and excellent musicianship. It’s the ideal soundtrack to a real action movie, one in which most of the characters are confused and considering running away. Most rock music is formulaic. Not Chewy though. 

Doxy – Autopilot

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Every once in a while art students will look at pop music and think to themselves: “I’m having a piece of that!”. It only makes sense. The most profitable, commercial art is made by these sorts of characters. 

Before you go condemning their intentions this is not a matter of selling out your dreams and principles. From Andy Warhol to Franz Ferdinand, the art crowd has always just been a bit more clever at reading the general public and asking for their money. And, being smart, they’ve also realized that merely catering to others like themselves wouldn’t help pay for the fancy dress and big apartments. 

Doxy on Autopilot sound like a band cut from the same art-pop cloth. The American group have the angular, but stylish garage-revival sound down. Just to make sure that their concoction sticks, they’re adding pop hook glue. And, they’re keeping their gaze on big dreams. There’s always a room for art-house in pop music and Doxy know it. 

Chewy - Melt Thru


Doxy - Autopilot




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