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Nothing but a bad time: Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice and Nothing Special review

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice and Nothing Special review

Nothing Special – Lavender

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Emo

Similar artists: Sorority Noise, PUP, Modern Baseball, Remo Drive

Nothing Special play up to their underdog roles on the catchy pop-punk single of Lavender

It took a very long time for punk-rock to become even moderately accepted by people across all parts of North America, let alone the world. Punk groups active in the 1980s will often remember a time when classic rock fans would hurl abuse at them, while disco-loving people would ignore them completely.

That was the time when punk still seemed like one of the strangest forms of art that existed. It was only by the mid-1990s when punk, mixed with catchy pop melodies, gained global acknowledgement. By then there were many brands and flavours of punk. Many types of rock music also endured. Then what makes people choose to make punk music over anything else?

Perhaps, as might be the case with Nothing Special, there’s something to do with the humour involved, the weirdo aesthetic, and the lack of expectations. Certain individuals thrive under these conditions as sounds to be the case with Nothing Special on their infectious pop-punk singalong of Lavender. Some people thrive as underdogs.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice – How Can Anybody Be Sober These Days?

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Devo, The Fall, New Order, Uranium Club, GONZO, Kitchen People, CLAMM, RMFC, King Gizzard

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice erase subtlety in exchange for rarely uttered truth with How Can Anybody Be Sober These Days?

People who don’t write songs often wonder what must have been the inspiration for some of their favourite tunes. How do these songwriters get their ideas anyway? Do they keep a notebook of possible ideas, or do they just appear to them as if by some magic spell? 

Well, dear reader, I’ll let you in on a secret. When it comes to the majority of our beloved punk-rock there’s a formula that you can apply. Most punks use it. Here it is: Step 1: Have something annoying happen to you. Step 2: Write a fast one about it. I have a friend who just recorded a song about getting a fine in public transport. 

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice use this formula, but look to do something clever with it. How Can Anybody Be Sober These Days? They dare ask. And, indeed, how can an honest man stand such times. The post-punk snarl of the vocals captures the anger of millions tied to the boozer, the pill, or the syringe like a prisoner stuck to a ball and chain. Get angry, and don’t forget to write about it, eh?

Nothing Special - Lavender


Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - How Can Anybody Be Sober These Days?




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