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Little art shop around the corner: Drunken Prayer and Art d’Ecco reviewed

Drunken Prayer and Art d'Ecco reviewed

Art d’Ecco – Midlife Crisis

Genre: Art Rock, 80s Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Foxygen, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Gary Numan

You might think that you’re a music listener who is either stuck in past or bored to tears of nostalgia. But, you are probably wrong. You’re both those things. And, if you are like most music listeners who’ve spent years building a record collection, you have to problem slaloming from one opinion to another as it suits you. 

But, mercy should be spared on you. After all, not a day goes by without the internet being flooded by people who declare that there is simply no modern music as good as what David Bowie, Iggy Pop, or, heck, even, Montrose produced. Yet, at the very same time, not a day goes by without imitators of the “rock n’ roll canon” sneaking out and hitching their wagons to those who’ve already acquired legendary status. 

The difference might just be in the songwriting and the confidence with which an artist manages to slip into those personas. Art d’Ecco, as we have established before, has a knack for both. Midlife Crisis sounds like The Cars if Ric Ocasek had developed an obsession for Chic Italian clothing and 1970s Sci-Fi novels. Art d’Ecco succeeds in sounding and looking like Bowie, Iggy, or Ferry because of a simple reason. The songs are good enough that they could slip onto a playlist containing classic alternative music. 

Drunken Prayer – Oasis in the Yard

Genre: Alt-Country, Garage Rock

If done right, your music can be your big-budget Western, your space opera, and your manifesto all rolled into one. Imagine the possibilities! 

If done in any other way, and, let’s face it, this is this fits the abilities of most, your music will sound confused, and unconvincing. 

It’s a gamble, certainly. What with the internet, crushing failures seem to sneak around much longer. And, when they finally seem overcome, they tend to return somewhere around the holidays when your friends think your ego needs a downgrade. 

Thankfully, Drunken Prayer’s Oasis in the Yard has reached for the director’s chair and has the vision to back up the statement of intent. The single sounds like the psychedelic Western movie that everyone who went to film school dreams of making. Thankfully, Drunken Prayers has the tunes to back up the ego. 

Art d'Ecco - Midlife Crisis


Drunken Prayer - Oasis in the Yard




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