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Dustin McKamie – A Good Man Down Review

Dustin McKamie

From sports to politics and, sadly, to music, our modern world seems to be controlled by unrepenting cheaters. Emotional honesty is as rare as a snowstorm in the Kalahari. But that is exactly what Dustin McKamie is looking to capture on the debut album “A Good Man Down.”

The opening track, “Oh My My”, lets us on a few personal secrets. McKamie sings about losing it all and about remembering digging his own grave. It may all be sorrowful stuff, but the bouncy indie-folk instrumental helps us, as audiences believe something better will be around the corner. 

McKamie is not merely looking to sulk even though the styles of music he chooses suggest a heavy burden contributed to the writing of the songs here. “Last Night” features a bluesy instrumental and some of the album’s most convincing lead vocals. 

Uncharacteristically of debut albums, “A Good Man Down” has its direction clearly mapped out. A good deal of this may be owed to the participation of Yuuki Matthews of The Shins, whose pristine production makes the album instantly listenable and easy to enjoy. 

The acoustic-backed melancholy of the verses in “California Noise” gives way to large choruses a la The Lumineers, while “I Don’t Need Another Lover (But I Want You)” sounds like an 80s pop-rock hit modernised for indie-rock audiences. 

While it’s easy to get lost in the seamlessly delivered vocals and grooves here, Dustin McKamie wraps things up by reminding audiences of the motives he had for writing this kind of material. “Broken” is a confession and admittance of guilt. Meanwhile, “Gone and Left Me Here,” tells the tale of shattered dreams and wasted days. 

But McKamie won’t leave you feeling hopeless. Album closer, “The Sweetest Kind,” lets us know that the songwriter isn’t hedging his bets, putting it all down on the power of love. 

“A Good Man Down” is an indie-folk soundtrack to a rescue mission, one that has been a success in the face of what looked like inevitable doom. 

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