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Awekening: Dzasko and Matt Moody

Dzasko and Matt Moody

Matt Moody – Awaiting

Similar artists: Dope Lemon

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

The ideal music fan is one that is willing to listen to their favorite artist as if they were attending a religious ceremony. They buy all the merch, go to every event, and never question the artist’s direction. 

Of course, while such people exist, they aren’t many. Usually, they are spread out and divided between celebrity pop cults. What can everyone else do? At the very least, they must suggest that they are open to such a level of adoration. 

Where to start? With the music, hopefully. Sounds that are mysterious, languid, and seemingly coming out of a faraway land are a good first step. Creating the appropriate musical setting may lure in dreamers. 

Matt Moody’s Awaiting is a meditative indie-rock tune designed for drifting away or dancing slowly on the beach. Either way, if you’re looking for direction in your life, this Cleveland-based singer-songwriter could be the one to provide it for you. Does he need a cult? Who doesn’t?

Dzasko – Times (feat. Clara Yolks)

Genre: Latin Rock, Indietronica, Dream Pop

If we put a ban on modern music, will all forms of entertainment stop? Why would anyone invest big money in making large-scale movies? It would be hard to get you into any department store to buy things. Even theatres would feel the burn. 

Sure, sure. They could always go back to using what we now call classical music. I’m sure that it can work on some things. But, neither Vivaldi nor Wagner was very efficient in selling the audience a lifestyle.  

Eventually, you’d just have to shut the whole thing down. Or, more likely, the people will take arms in a violent struggle to win their pop music back. It’s this important for most of the world. 

Dzasko’s Times is indie-pop, made with a clear understanding of just how important modern music really is. This is an amalgamation of many trendy sounds and production techniques. It’s the kind of tune that would easily be played to enhance most types of modern entertainment. 

Matt Moody - Awaiting


Dzasko - Times (feat. Clara Yolks)




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