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The country life: Edwin and Night Flight reviewed

Edwin and Night Flight reviewed

Night Flight – Something Going On

Some people suffering from bouts of nostalgia keep wishing that one-day traditional American music will make its way back to the top of the charts and into the hearts of music listeners across the world. But, did it ever really go away after serving as the bedrock of much of popular music until the present day.

After all, it is a sound that ruled at the fabled period at the tail end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. The Southern-inspired music was not merely popular in the U.S.A. Songwriters taking their cue from the great, dramatic feel of country were having hits all across the English-speaking world. 

Night Flight show an interest in that kind of music and benefit from genuine talent, ability and an eagerness to show the same level of dedication for their music as the great blues and folk-influenced groups that preceded them. Something going on showcases a band that has really found a way to take something that is classic and make it something uniquely their own. 

Edwin – Frances Dances

The great country songs are usually about living large, or about the consequences. Sure, there’s generally a certain machismo that disguises the impact of living such a life. But, for the most part, country is the one acceptable art-form where tough hombres can take a moment to weep. 

The songs about waking up dazed, confused, and sorry for the decisions that you made last night, some of which you can’t even remember too well, are, in my book, the best kind of country songs. Those are the “Look at me, I’m only human” from people, otherwise, posing as some kind of superheroes. 

Edwin’s gentle, pretty excursion in country and Americana comes alive on the single Frances Dances. A song about lost love and broken trust, it feels like the story of a man reckoning with the decisions they’ve made in his life. The great, light as a breeze orchestration and production make this a great choice of fans of modern country, as well as those looking for some sort of companion after a particularly rough night. 

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