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Effortless: MYLO BYBEE Music and Sapphire Blues reviewed

MYLO BYBEE Music and Sapphire Blues reviewed

Sapphire Blues – Daydream

Daydream is quite an interesting mix of sounds. On the one hand, this song by Sapphire Blues features an elegant, late 80s vibe to it that is reminiscent of the jazzy jagged chords of groups like Aztec Camera and Prefab Sprout. Not many imitators of those sounds exist which already makes Daydream a winner in our book.

On the other hand, it has a forthright working-class rage to display. The song contains the anger typical of punk rock, but a visceral kind of poetry that is expressed in a joyously dishevelled manner, not unlike Sleaford Mods. 

Frankly, it sounds like a brilliant, but embittered steelworker writing poetry on the weekends, jumping on stage to drop lines over the musical accompaniment of the local fusion pub band. 

MYLO BYBEE Music – Down Not Out

A lot of people want to create music. The task is harder for some than for others. For those, like myself, whose fingers hurt from playing open chords and brain got foggy from keeping a bit, there was, luckily, punk rock to hold us in its embrace. 

Some are just naturally better than others at creating music, something that is almost instantly recognizable. MYLO BYBEE Music are about to release their debut EP and are pretty young by the sound of it. They play indie-rock of a pretty polite variety. However, Down Not Out showcases a group that already knows its sound very well and is able to produce it with very little effort. 

Sure, the lyrics are not yet a work of transcendental philosophy. They might well get there shortly. However, their knack for finding nice melodies, fitting to a great groove, as well the fact they make a great indie-rock sound is worthy of our attention. Keep them on your radar, won’t you please! 

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