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Elizabeth II and Autosleeper reveal their punchy new, punk-inspired singles

Elizabeth II and Autosleeper

Autosleeper – Substance, Sometimes

Post-punk is punk-rock’s equally unsatisfied cousin who, unlike his relative, prefers to bottle things inside and treat the unhappiness with endless self-reflection. It attracts people’s admiration, of course, but also a certain level of distrust. It’s the equivalent of the trenchcoat-wearing teenager that always carries around a book of poetry. His intentions are hard to read. 

Post-punk may not have led directly to very many genuine pop hits, unlike some of the other styles that developed around the same period. However, its cold demeanour and stylish, uncompromising vision have made believers of many. As a consequence, the music continues to inspire thriving musical scenes across the world. 

Spanish outfit Autosleeper is a good example of this, as can be observed from their latest single Substance, Sometimes. These Barcelona musicians are masters of the tension and release game that makes for great singles. Confidently performed, well-produced, and highly melodic this is a song that slips smoothly into most modern rock playlists.

Elizabeth II – All My Failures

Courtney Love spoke in interviews about the freedom she felt the first time that she screamed over musical backing. Chris Cornell said that he discovered his voice by going alone into a room and projecting his singing as loud as he could. A quick listen to the likes of Layne Staley, and Eddie Vedder seems to reveal the same. 

Grunge singers were, for the most part, tremendously gifted. Some of the songs written and recorded around the time of their early records require diligent practice and care in order to learn to sing. Yet, at the heart of the style lies the freedom that the artists must have felt when injecting giant amounts of distortion into their vocal performances. 

Elizabeth II sounds like a group that has received similar revelations. Their music contains the propulsion that is only given when musicians are surprised by their own abilities. Behind the bravado, however, lies genuine sensitivity and gentleness. It’s a good single and an even more interesting exercise in self-reflection. 

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