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Pop scattergram: Ellur and Clear Eyes review

Ellur and Clear Eyes review

Clear Eyes – heat of the moment (ft. kevin garrett & kemba)

Genre: Indie Electronic, Indietronica, Indie Pop

Clear Eyes are riding a modern pop wave on Heat of the moment wherever it is that it may take him. 

Pop music, as well as all other modern entertainment, must always give the impression that it is moving forward. Incorporating new technology, adding extravagant instruments or melodic ideas, making controversial statements. These are all weapons in a pop artist’s arsenal. 

It only makes sense! Few high-paying jobs involve as much risk or may include a smaller shelf life than that of a pop star. The only trick in doing the aforementioned things is knowing how far to take these ideas. For example, controversy can sell records, but it can also end careers. 

Clear Eyes’ heat of the moment (ft. kevin garrett & kemba) is entirely a product of its time. In doing so, it takes a risk. The computer-soul sound of the record makes the direction feel like progress. However, the record may sound dated if it turns out that producer Jeremy Lloyd, hasn’t quite wagered on the winning pony. Time will tell, and it will do it pretty quickly.

Ellur – Migraine

Genre: Indie Pop

Ellur makes pop music directed at alt-pop playlists and future pop music nostalgia seekers. 

Look, the pop game has always been rigged. It’s just that the good people who support it, out of a general love for music, refuse to accept it. The greatest artists of their day must have surely basked in the collective love of the record-buying public while registering an immense amount of hits, right?

Not always, and usually, not for long. Flip through any playlists of the pop hits from the past 60 years, and you’ll discover a lot of new music. That’s because many of the greatest hits were noteworthy for a short amount of time. They had their day and then became noteworthy because of how well they represented a certain era. 

Ellur’s Migraine could well do the same thing in a few decades’ time. Perhaps, someone will assemble a playlist of 2021’s pop hits, or direct a movie set in 2021. If so, this will be an ideal choice. A well-produced pop song of its time. Ellur makes pop that hints towards a pop-music retro-loving future.

Clear Eyes - heat of the moment


Ellur - Migraine




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