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Dance the night away: Evil Pink Machine and Nick Pagan reviewed

Evil Pink Machine and Nick Pagan reviewed

Nick Pagan – In A Cave

Nick Pagan, seemingly, possesses all the attributes to make him a very big star.. back in 1962. And, for this reason, and for the fact that the singer is entirely invested in his part of the charming soul-singing performer, Nick Pagan’s presentation sounds entirely fresh in the year 2020. 

It’s all down to the self-belief that the artist and his group exhibit. Sure, there are many others that trade in similarly retro-tinged musical experiments. However, most of them look like they’ve just traded their modern-jeans for exotic fashion. Nick Pagan looks like he woke up looking this way. 

Dressed in a tailored orange suit, wearing sunglasses at all times and ready to break into a dance move at a word’s notice, the singer has carved out quite a presentation for himself. The fact that “In a cave” is an enjoyable slice of Latin-soul, that his backing band creates an excellent old-school sonic backdrop, and the matter of the singer’s voice certainly does not hurt matters. 

Nick Pagan looks and sounds like there’s more to his story. And, in doing that, he’s won half the battle of getting people interested in him. 

Evil Pink Machine – Rough Patch 

In the eternal war of getting your band noticed on the name alone, Evil Pink Machine are making the right moves. It’s something that also translates into the dark and danceable grooves that are at the heart of their single “Rough Patch“. 

This is, by no means, one of those songs laced with the kind of words meant to inspire revolution, either in mind or elsewhere. No, this is old-fashion disco music, well-written and effortlessly surveilling the future of the dance floor. 

New or old, almost all great disco numbers work by the mantra that “the verse is merely the starter“. Evil Pink Machine make their real killings on the choruses. “Rough Patch” uses all the tricks in their bag in spicing up the concoction as much as they can. It’s the kind of indie-disco banger, filled with great grooves and a bit of kitschy glamour for good measure that acts like Kasabian or the Kaiser Chiefs have been chasing for years. 

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