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Only soul: EVVAN and Sam Nichol reviewed

EVVAN and Sam Nichol reviewed

Sam Nichol – gregory

Jeff Buckley used to defend his style of singing and playing, not that anyone would be attacking him, by saying that being vulnerable when making art was not akin to being wimpy, but rather the bravest thing that an artist could do. For those that admired his work, indeed, few artists seemed as ready to open themselves up as Buckley, especially, in live performances. 

Although releasing only one official album during his brief life, the singer has left behind many admirers. Some of them, like Sam Nichol attempt that most difficult highwire trick of playing with silence and emotions in their performances. It’s difficult, not just from a technical standpoint. With so little information left in the songs, the artist’s mission of communicating with the audience is harder than ever. Once here, many have no idea where to go next. This is not the case with Sam Nichol’s gregory.

In this song, the singer reveals the feeling of loss, gently pouring salt on every single wound. The singing is slow, deliberate, and passionate in the style of Jeff Buckley’s live renditions. Nichol has the chops to ride the sound of his voice up every peak and down every slope. Beautiful work. 

EVVAN – Wolf

Find the others” goes the famous Timothy Leary quote. The psychologist turned psychedelics guru advocated individuality above all else. This is especially true, he said, for people who, despite their best efforts to fit into regular society, find themselves feeling lost and unfulfilled. “Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others,” Leary said. 

Wolf by EVVAN is a soft pop-folk number about these issues. Ridiculous as it may sound, our quest to find a spot in the world motivates most of our actions, especially our endeavours in younger life. EVVAN speaks about following the hard trail, on your own, without the assistance or interference of others. 

Wolf featured subdued electro-drumming is blended with expressive acoustic guitar passages, while the vocals tell stories of liberation. This is a track that flows like a summer breeze through a green field. 

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