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The art of the conceal: Eyedress x King Krule and yllwblly reviewed

Eyedress x King Krule and yllwblly reviewed

yllwblly – Pick On You

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

The thing about life is that, if you’re lucky, there’s probably going to be a lot of it. Much of it will inevitably hurt. Or, at the very least, it will leave you confused and bewildered. People find all sorts of strategies to avoid thinking about it. As the great Norm Macdonald said, isn’t that why you do anything?

Blessed are the ones whose habits meant to help them forget about life for a while don’t leave them broke, miserable, or having to pay immense monthly checks. If making art of any kind is your thing, trust me. Stick with it. It’s cheaper, better for your liver, and will likely bring you as many thrills as anything else. 

yllwblly sounds like the kid who spent a lot of time alone listening to records and picking them apart slowly. He has developed into a helluva self-taught singer, songwriter, and producer. Pick on you spills over with the gloomy, but romantic spirit of 90s alternative rock. We think it’s time well spent both for the artist and his audience. 

Eyedress x King Krule – Chad an Gordy

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop

Modern music can be a terrifying weapon. However, usually, it plays the short the game. The hopes are always that the band or artist will score a hit by piggybacking on a trend or another. The result is that, usually, these hits come and go, and not even the people that were involved in making them a success in the first place like to admit that they once supported them. 

For music to be truly terrifying it needs to reveal less than it conceals. The great shock rockers knew this. Their audiences didn’t. It’s strange to imagine leather-clad rockers concealing their identities to be anything other than ridiculous, but in their prime, they helped project all the horrible things that audiences wished existed in the music. 

Eyedress and collaborator, King Krule, are masters of hiding their true intentions. They make the kind of music one would assume would be played during the first stages of initiation into a cult. Chad an Gordy is equal parts bedroom pop and Kafkaesque nightmare. It’s a tune that sounds as if you keep getting haunted by the same ghost and can’t even figure out why. 

yllwblly - Pick On You


Eyedress x King Krule - Chad an Gordy




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