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Plan B: Fake Magic and Color Palette

Fake Magic and Color Palette

Color Palette – Dreams

Similar artists: Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine

Genre: Shoegaze

It’s never too late to start trusting music again. I know it’s hard! Whatever kind of genre might have captured your heart, I’m pretty sure it abused that trust a really long time ago. 

The music business comes ahead of artistic interests in the life of a stadium group or a niche band. As a fan, you’re expected to go to gigs, buy merchandise, and refer your favorite group to others. It’s exhausting. 

Plus, there’s little on which to bestow your love! Most songs are reduced to 30-second snippets meant for social media, and your favorite band won’t release a new album for at least six more years. 

But don’t close up your heart just yet! Color Palette’s Dreams is music made for slow, steady consumption. It’s a nourishing sound, and it will only properly reward it as long as you take the time to really take it all in. It’s a breezy, shoegaze-inspired sound that, if played at the right time and in the right setting, might just make your evenings better. 

Fake Magic – Begging to Be Lonely

Similar artists: Interpol, Queens of the Stone Age

Genre: Classic Rock, Alternative Rock

Everyone would like to be a rockstar. And fortunately, they can. Alternative-rock music, for the most part, is extremely inclusive. Picking up a guitar or drums can be done by anyone, and learning a few chords isn’t difficult either. 

One of the main problems, however, is that most people don’t have anything to say or don’t know how to say the things that they’d like to communicate. That’s my personal opinion after having reviewed thousands of songs. 

Still, if you were to choose one of those two things to have as a problem, you’d be better off acquiring an interesting way of saying things. Numerous memorable songs include gibberish lyrics propelled by a great groove. 

Fake Magic’s Begging to Be Lonely is a smokie alt-rock tune powered by a great hook and a cool mechanical groove. It’s short, sharp, and, in no time, you’ll want to replay it just for that hook. It’s alt-rock modeled after the radio hits of the 1980s with thin, striking lines of color. 

Color Palette - Dreams


Fake Magic - Begging to Be Lonely




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