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Of hellos and farewell: Farewell Horizontal and Split Aura

Split Aura – We Never Thought You Would Run

Genre: Shoegaze, Lo-fi Rock, Dream Pop

Reporters asked Diego Maradona if he was sorry. His most famous goal, scored against England at the World Cup, was managed using his arm. The famous number 10 replied that he wasn’t and that football has always been a game of deception. 

The same can be said about pop music. Like scam artists selling bottles of healing juice down at the fare, musicians will do anything to get you to believe them. 

It’s rare that a song actually means anything. And songs that are about an important topic and still good are even more scarce. When you stumbled upon one, you know you’d found a real gem. 

Split Aura’s We Never Thought You Would Run is the rare combination of an honest, pleasing song that isn’t trying to sell you anything. It tackles the topic of suicide from the perspective of grieving friends and relatives. It’s a terrible topic with which the band deal gracefully. 

Farewell Horizontal – Summer Of Disease

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Paul McCartney will tell you that he feels he got away with murder. He’ll precisely recall the moment he first felt this way. It was when someone explained copyrighting to him. You could claim songs as your own?!

Songs, the best of them, at least, seemed to be hanging in the air. A talented writer just needed to grab some of them. It all seemed like a matter of putting chords, melodies, and poetry together in the right context. Surely, it’s no different than a school assignment. 

It turns out you could claim these things as your own. If you convinced enough people, they’d listen to them over and over again. They’d pay you for them. And, most strikingly, people would fall in a kind of trance when they heard them. 

Farewell Horizontal’s Summer Of Disease is a lazy, psychedelic kind of number that feels picked up as a vine of creativity that few are allowed to access. The trippy effect is created in the most straightforward way possible by pretty melodies and beautifully resonant chords. It’s hard to imagine that this song once didn’t exist, eh? 

Split Aura - We Never Thought You Would Run


Farewell Horizontal - Summer Of Disease




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