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Pop-punk relaxation machine: Faster on Fire and Bakers Eddy review

Faster on Fire and Bakers Eddy review

Bakers Eddy – Sober

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Surfbort, Dune Rats, Camp Cope, Bugs, Bleeding Knees Club, Spacey Jane, Hockey Dad

Rock music is occasionally life-changing. But, more often than not, when it does its job well, it’s one of those few reasons that add to being able to get out of bed. Most people need to fool themselves in order to do even the tiniest tasks. Rockin’ tunes are the cheese whiff to the rodent living the proverbial mouse-hole. 

And, just as life gets all the more complicated throughout the world, it’s almost adorable to watch people fix on their own personal issues and do it with humour. I tell you, if a growing problem with alcohol consumption was all that the world had to face nowadays, most of us would still be smiling pleasantly. 

That’s what Bakers Eddy’s pop-punk ode of Sober does. It’s teenage angst flooded by an estuary of cheap beer and loud, crashing guitars. Bakers Eddy also know when to pile on the big melodies, and even bigger harmonies, making them one of the pop-punk brats worth using as a mechanism to get you out of bed in the morning. 

Faster on Fire – The Basics

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Emo

Similar artists: Movements, Hot Mulligan, Jimmy Eat World, Menzingers, Yellowcard, The Early November

Well, punk-rock can always be depended on it seems. Friends come and go. People tend to drift in and out of relationships. And, even your favourite sports league isn’t really very entertaining anymore. It would be hard to get through it all without a companion. 

And, that’s exactly why people form lifelong bonds with music genres, with scenes, with the groups that truly spoke to them in their youth. At some point, music just like everything else will be more of a survival aid than a party vehicle. When that happens, you better hope that the musicians you’ve chosen to accompany you have something important to say. 

Faster on Fire’s The Basics is a song about growing up, owning up, and forcing yourself to look towards the future. It’s miserable, but wise, the way that, we can only hope, some of us will end up being. It’s a punk-tune forced to consider a young person’s slide into maturity. It’s an emotional, but dependable companion. 

Bakers Eddy - Sober


Faster on Fire - The Basics




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