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You Get What You Like: Fat Mezz and Darling Darlene Reviewed

Fat Mezz and Darling Darlene Reviewed

Darling Darlene – Dark Shades

Similar artists: MGMT, The Flaming Lips, Beach House

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Alt Pop

Darling Darlene is ready to provide the soundtrack to your daydreams with psychedelically tinged pop sounds. 

How much time do you spend working with intent? And just how much time do you spend listening to pop music or daydreaming away? If you’re a regular, responsible person looking to get by in life, you’ve probably been quick to point out that most of your working hours are spent trying to achieve a purpose, doing a job, concentrating. 

That’s not good! Conclusive research shows that daydreaming might just be the single least utilised weapon in your arsenal for achieving glory. Why? Because our minds are not designed to be forced to concentrate for too long spells. 

Know that you know you could achieve a way of disconnecting from your common worries in a number of ways. Darling Darlene’s “Dark Shades”, with its dreamy soundscapes and familiar pop motifs, may just be one of the safest. Who doesn’t need some otherworldly arrangements and catchy melodies carrying them to a world far away? Besides, Darling Darlene manages to blend MGMT with pop radio, something that fans of bands like MGMT have been seeking for a very, very long time. 

Fat Mezz – How Would You Know

Similar artists: The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Genre: Blues, Classic Rock

Fat Mezz are firm believers in the pop-rock dreams laid out decades prior and use their devotion to create brand new ones. 

As we speak, there’s a music critic smoking an unfiltered cigarette on the terrace of a Parisian cafe and writing an article about the newest, greatest bands to be influenced by the Velvet Underground. There are pictures featured, and every single band dresses either in black from head to toe or in the kinds of costumes that make them look like they’re running their own psychedelic circus. 

I could be that writer, of course. I quite like the Velvets. However, there are two issues. First, until I develop a fetish for being mugged, you won’t find me on the Parisian streets. Secondly, while art-rock is just fine, I understand how important it is to entertain an audience. The fact that The Beatles are still the most popular band in the world is no coincidence. Come on!

Fat Mezz’s “How Would You Know” echoes the hopefulness of the 1960s and grab on to retro-styled musical melodies for dear life. It’s easy to like these elements, together with the band’s passion for rhythm and blues. And with this kind of energy, with nifty songwriting skills in tow and an understanding of how the world works, it’s difficult to find people who would not, at the very least, tap their feet to Fat Mezz’s songs.

Darling Darlene - Dark Shades


Fat Mezz - How Would You Know




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