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Renegades: Feel Trip and Lane Dudley review

Feel Trip and Lane Dudley review

Lane Dudley – Founding Fathers

Genre: Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock music seemed to mean more. Maybe it was just a matter of it being a new art form. But, even back in the early 1970s, rock music seemed to have the power to become a vehicle for serious social and political change. Even musicians that had previously preoccupied themselves exclusively with pop hooks were coming to this realization. 

It is, in fact, what John Lennon told Paul McCartney on eve of their group’s demise. His former writing partner had no chance, but to become a political activist f he was to retain credibility, Lennon argued. Only years later, Silly Love Songs was a global hit. Since then, rock music’s power as a vehicle for change has waned continuously. 

The world needs more protest songs. Not because people like to whine and complain. But, because they hardly do it enough, for the right reasons. Lane Dudley’s Founding Fathers is a menacing growl of a protest song about the elite’s greed, lack of responsibility, and amorality. It’s a revenge fantasy, yes, but one that in the current world we live in is worth expressing. You might not have started the wars, or drained the world of the power to sustain itself. That’s why you should be complaining. Lane Dudley helps you get started. 

Feel Trip – Fame

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Dead Weather, The White Stripes, Kings of Leon

Rock bands usually have to fake spontaneity. For the most, it’s part of the job description. Singers use the same jokes during every concert on a lengthy tour. When playing the hits that they turn out every night, they have to make the audience feel special. And, even the songs that they end up recording might have enjoyed many birthdays before getting a chance to be heard by the world. 

This happens for a couple of reasons. The first, obviously, has to do with logistics. Big rock bands are a serious operation and they require the groups to be as efficient as possible. The second has to do with talent. Not every band is able to simply churn out inspired pieces of music, humorous lines, or interact with their audience in a spontaneous way. 

Feel Trip’s first single Fame feels destined to become the soundtrack to a modern cop drama. It’s a song that feels made up on the spot in a moment of inspiration and delivered with just the same amount of gusto. Feel Trip’s Fame sounds like a 70s stadium rock band truly and earnestly embracing punk-rock after ditching the singer and finding a replacement among their fanbase’s troubled youth. Feel Trip are among the few rock groups that can still surprise listeners. 

Lane Dudley - Founding Fathers


Feel Trip - Fame




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