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Lowdown shimmy: Femegades and Long Hours reviewed

Femegades and Long Hours reviewed

Long Hours – A GHOST TO YOU

Genre: Garage Rock

Maybe there’s just too much riding on keeping one’s reputation tidy nowadays that prohibits great rock stars from emerging. Truthfully, many of the most outstanding performers earned their reputation not by being polite but quite the opposite. The majority of them were terrifying monsters. And, it seems that this was part of their appeal. 

With so much surveillance, the majority of which citizens volunteer to carry out, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to soil one’s reputation forever. After all, they might want to work in a bank one day, run for office, or ask the girl across the street out on a date. Even the blandest of human experiences will one day soon be restricted for such individuals. 

It’s refreshing to see and hear Long Hours’ A Ghost To You because it sounds like it is made by someone that remains refreshingly uncaring about the risks of performing like a madman. The sound that they’ve created is a punchy, combative one. It’s a soundtrack that precedes a morning of dizziness, the kind of music designed for people who don’t care about bettering their reputation. 

Femegades – Big Plans

Genre: Punk rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: X-Ray Spex, The Slits, Skinny Girl Diet

How many rock stars did you grow up on the same street with? How about poets, painters, and philosophers? Hardly any if you grew up like most people, or at very least you likely rarely met people that managed to do these things for a living. 

The fact is that being an artist rarely seems on the books for regular people. Becoming a doctor or a lawyer? That’s tough, but under regular circumstances, with enough work, it’s achievable.  

Still, we need artists to tell us about ourselves, just like we need doctors to help us to take care of ourselves. And, kids certainly need role models. 

There are rock bands that seem unapproachable. There are bands like Femegades that sound like the kind of people that you know and for whom you can be proud. Big Plans is an alt-rock number that samples ideas from the language of classic punk-rock to provide the kind of framework that a lot of would-be artists may follow. 

Long Hours - A GHOST TO YOU


Femegades - Big Plans




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