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Before sunrise: Ferris & Sylvester and Souls Extolled review

Ferris & Sylvester and Souls Extolled review

Souls Extolled – Sweet Glow

Genre: Punk, Grunge, 90s Rock

Similar artists: Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Modest Mouse

Souls Extolled empty their pockets and pour all of their influences onto the table on Sweet Glow

Rock genre partisans are getting fewer and fewer. The ones that still remain to fight their unique fight have found their proverbial hill on some internet forum. 

Their debates over the worthiness of various Mangolian black metal projects, or the purity of Jimmy Page riffs, one feels, have found just the place where they can be appreciated for what they are. 

Genres hardly exist anymore. Certainly not in the musical mainstream. Festivals, back when such things still existed, usually looked to create a blend of the best of what was around. They did so out of economic desire. They didn’t want to bore their audiences. 

Souls Extolled are looking to become heroes to a generation where genres make little difference. Sweet Glow is so much a mixture of numerous things that it is almost a mash-up. This is classic rock, interjected with punk, and grunge, all distinct, yet all working to create the unique vision of Souls Extolled. 

Ferris & Sylvester – Golden

Genre: Blues, Americana

Ferris & Sylvester believe in a happy sort of blues as can be heard on Golden

I find it hard to trust hippies. By that, I am referring to all of the people that adhere to the positivity movement that infiltrated almost all music created during the 1960s, as well as those that take a hint from them. 

I don’t necessarily think that art should be macabre, or reflect life’s worries. Simply, I do not trust people that display such a sunny temperament so liberally. Call it distrust. 

Once in a while though, I too have to bow down to the power of unbridled optimism. It’s when there’s little cynicism that comes in conjunction with it. And, it’s when all these good vibes have some good hooks tied to them. 

Ferris & Sylvester tick all the boxes with the retro-soul of Golden. It’s music for a new Woodstock generation that wasn’t allowed to leave their houses. It’s a song of hope built on pretty melodies, loud guitars, and the trust that a smile might be enough to blow troubles away. 

Souls Extolled - Sweet Glow


Ferris & Sylvester - Golden




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