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In Your Sights: Flat Party and Coma Girls Reviewed

Flat Party and Coma Girls Reviewed

Coma Girls – Back to the Source

Similar artists: Alex G, Pinegrove, Bright Eyes, Deerhunter, boygenius

Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Dream Pop

How many new friends have you made this week? If you’re like most people, not many. In fact, unless your life is powered by an effervescent extroverted personality, chances are that you’ve barely made much visual contact with other people, let alone had meaningful conversations. 

Making friends has always been hard. But it is especially so now that technology allows us all to live in our secluded fantasies. It’s only natural that we’d start daydreaming about having coffee or going on a shopping spree with our favourite rock stars. After all, if you’re a music fan, they’re there with you all the time, telling you about how their day’s gone. 

Coma Girls sound and look like the kind of folks at the bar who are more than willing to share their stories over a glass of beer. “Back to the Source” is a dirty indie-pop number that’s both charming and coarse. It sounds like an answering machine message played over guitar and drums backing. And it feels like listening to a friend, waiting for your turn to tell a story that will top theirs.   

Flat Party – I’m Bored, Give Me Love

Similar artists: Sparks, David Bowie, Suede, Japanese Breakfast, Big Star

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Nobody has ever become successful by accident. Not truly successful. And certainly not in rock music. You’d have to be an egomaniac. You’d have to have a carefully supervised plan. And you’d need to be very comfortable with being heard and seen in order to become a musical success. 

For some, this very detail has made nurturing a career very difficult. Yes, many sensitive, introverted types pick up a guitar in a bid to try and communicate their deepest emotions. But, at best, these people earn respect. The ones who become stars must appear to be the kinds of people who would gladly talk to anyone at any time of day. 

Flat Party’s artsy indie-pop of “I’m Bored, Give Me Love” is a stylish stab at a pop hit, complete with the kind of performance that makes the British group hard to ignore. Taking a cue from art-student glam-rock of the 1970s and another form of indie-pop bands making the festival circuit in 2023, Flat Party are determined to brighten things up, bring a bit of colour, and tell you what they really want again and again. It’s an unexpected hybrid, alright, and the band already look like they have ideas for a comedy series based on their lives. So, why not give them a try, eh? 

Coma Girls - Back to the Source


Flat Party - I'm Bored, Give Me Love




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