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It burned down: Floppy Haired Art Fuck and Merit Maker reviewed by Alt77

Floppy Haired Art Fuck and Merit Maker reviewed by Alt77

Merit Maker – Rebellious Ways

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

The body needs exercising as does the mind. Live music is a terrific way to work both those things at the same time. For some, techno parties do the trick, sending the audience on hours-long dance meditations. 

For others, like many of the readers of this blog, it’s loud guitar music. It’s difficult to explain just what excites so many people to want to dance wildly while shoving each other in front of the stage at a good punk concert. But, hey, this does bring people genuine joy! 

The recent health crisis has robbed us of the opportunity of witnessing just events in their usual setting. One of the groups that sounds like they could comfortably cater to any punk-rock audience is Merit Maker. Their new single, Rebellious Ways, is a fierce mix of distorted power chords, ferocious drumming and heart-on-its-sleeve singing. Come out moshing!

Floppy Haired Art Fuck – The Unbearable Lightness of the Lonely Tinderbook

Genre: Noise / Harsh Noise Wall, Noise Rock, Alternative Rock

Like Jessica Chastain choosing to date people whose physical appearance can be described as “interesting” rather than “handsome”, or “beautiful”, long-time music listeners occasionally get sick of music that just sounds good. I mean, sure, Fleetwood Mac sounds pretty, but do they ever have well-ordered meltdowns recorded to tape?

You can’t argue with a sick mind, nor with a highly creative one. If you were lucky enough to catch Einstürzende Neubauten, or Psychic TV performing live during the 1980s, if honest you’d be struck by, at least two things. Wow, were these special human beings. And, wow, these people didn’t bother writing songs. 

Floppy Haired Art Fuck’s The Unbearable Lightness of the Lonely Tinderbook is that kind of music. Yet, unlike the noise-rock pioneers previously mentioned, Floppy certainly has a sense of humour and is good for a good, quotable line. This may just be the most honest breakup song you’ve ever heard or the live recording of someone losing their mind. Either way, it’s very impressive. 

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