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For Your Pleasure: Scott Tournet and The Kolour Kult Reviewed

For Your Pleasure: Scott Tournet and The Kolour Kult Reviewed

The Kolour Kult – Last Call (feat. Toby Goodshank)

Similar artists: Neil Diamond, Hedwig And The Angry Inch – Original Broadway Cast, Toby Goodshank, The Beach Boys, Ben Folds

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

The Kolour Kult‘s “Last Call” is a song painted in such bright colours and of such sweetness that it makes The Beach Boys sound like angry goths planning to rob a liquor store. Strangest of all, it’s not clear if The Kolour Kult mean this or, even more interestingly, if they’re merely playing with good vibrations the way a child might play with toy bricks. 

A lot of feel intimidated by music from the 1960s. That was, after all, the one period where pop music was truly hopeful … for a while. Before the beautiful harmonies singing about love were buried underneath Hendrix’s guitar distortion that seemed to more accurately reflect the world’s problems, the decade had provided a multicoloured variety of songs about seizing the day, loving your neighbour and treasuring nature. To some, that all seems a bit too sweet. 

The Kolour Kult’s “Last Call,” a song featuring the Moldy Peaches’ Toby Goodshank, is so colourful and sweet that were it not for the musicians’ credentials, you might genuinely fear it could be a propaganda tool for joining a cult. Vocal melodies soar and give way to an arrangement that sounds a bit too campy for Broadway, but that is just the same an interesting exercise in uber-positivity. The next hippie revolution may just be here, and this time, they’re not playing around. 

Scott Tournet – Cadillac

Similar artists: The Black Keys, Jack White, Dan Auerbach, Spoon, GA-20

Genre: Classic Rock, Pop Rock

Hearing kids playing Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” must really drive jazz musicians and classical composers crazy. Do you mean that a simple guitar sequence can change the world like that? Do you mean that studying chords and scales diligently might not be the answer? Scott Tournet takes a look back over his shoulder and embraces a similar minimalist approach that’s just alright for hip-shaking and Saturday night shindigs. 

Some might say that pop music elements are the easiest to embrace. While pop music does have in its grasp the largest number of music listeners, it is based on optimism. This kind of worldview is not easy to hold and to nurture. One either truly feels that it’s true or doesn’t and can’t begin to feel the benefits of pop music. 

Lead by a really happening guitar riff, Scott Tournet’s “Cadillac” digs into the mythology of pop-rock. In his world, the girls are beautiful, the guys are cool and guitar players reveal wonderful sounds to them like some kind of mysterious shaman. Yes, this is a pop song, but the kind made by true believers who are fighting to stay this way. 

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