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New goth: Forest Circles and ultrasaturated

Forest Circles and ultrasaturated

ultrasaturated – Horsegait

Similar artists: Lebanon Hanover, DIIV, Joy Division, CD Ghost, The KVB

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic, Dark Wave, Dream Pop

Goth music, and everything that falls under this umbrella, has never been more beloved, yet there’s never been less to love. I have a friend who travels to all of the goth festivals, and he’s seen the same bands, essentially, over the years dozens of times. Sure, it shows commitment. But, come on, give the guy something new. 

What does it take anyway to produce great new goth rock? Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t all lie in the dark attire or lyrics meant to out-edge Rozz Williams. The very best bands, like The Cure or Bauhaus, really were sonic explorers. They charted new worlds in their imagination and found the tools to explain them to others as well. Quite a nifty trick.

ultrasaturated’s “Horsegait” is one of the dark, young hopes of this kind of post-punk-inspired, mystery-based music. This is not designed to be stylish. No, it’s made to feel like a personal journey, one that listeners are welcome to step on. Maybe my friend will finally have something to look forward to seeing on those long journeys where dark eyeliner is given to everyone who buys a ticket. 

Forest Circles – Cry

Genre: Gothic, Dark Wave, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Everyone wants talent. Everyone wants to look pretty and dress stylishly. But the sad truth is that all of those things can be taught up to a certain point. The most treasured things in life are the ones that the fewest can actually pull off. Seems that inflation, even on talent and style, would render them useless. 

But what if you naturally have all of those things? Do you just flash them to the world and try to ride your gifts all the way to the bank? Sure, most would take that deal. It’s unlikely, however, to be something that you can do for long. People will start to resent you. What you need to do is give them glimpses of all those things. 

Forest Circles’ “Cry” is as surely goth rock as a fan of The Cure crying into an alleyway in Leipzig. But this is far from imitation. Forest Circles possess talent and style in huge amounts. They’re just not eager to make a spectacle of themselves. Their gentle hints, we hope, will be enough and make fans of the dark pop arts pay attention. It will be well worth their time. 

ultrasaturated - Horsegait


Forest Circles - Cry




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