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Fracture Type and stop.drop.rewind review

Fracture Type and stop.drop.rewind review

Fracture Type – Fracture Type

Screamo / Post-Hardcore, Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Deftones, Vein, Tool, Modern Color, Pianos Become the Teeth, Thrice

Deftones’ singer was asked about one of his band’s newest albums and how it differs from their other works. He answered that their intention was to add a few more shades of pink to their music this time around. 

That might sound like an arrogant or even strange thing for an alt-metal musician to say, but it’s relevant. It says two things. The first is that the group looks to differentiate itself from all the knuckleheads making heavy music. The other is that these bands prize sonic dynamics above everything. It’s not unlike painting, eh? 

Fracture Type take this to heart on their self-titled single. This isn’t just music made to make your neighbour’s dog scurry away in fear. It’s a sonic approximation of visual abstract art. And, just like almost all modern artists, there’s certain anguish that Fracture Type want you to hear and imagine seeing. 

stop.drop.rewind – Hold It Over Me

Genre: Post-Punk, Math Rock, Emo

Similar artists: Coheed and Cambria, The Contortionist, Motion City Soundtrack, Rush, Dance Gavin Dance, Ludo

For many, prog-rock conjures an image of middle age men wearing diaphanous white stage costumes and playing half-hour drum solos. When they take a break from showcasing their virtuosity long enough, they write songs about alien races or Lord of the rings. 

Which is all great. But, not quite as inviting for many modern rockers. It’s especially difficult for musicians looking to create a heavier sound meant to be taken seriously. As a consequence, labels such as post-rock or math-rock have appeared to differentiate them from the old, pretentious guard. 

It’s all prog-rock in newer attire. stop.drop.rewind’s Hold It Over Me is certainly ambitious. The lyrics are carefully crafted, and the verses have a jazzy bouquet. But, worry not. The song’s chorus is typical modern rock. stop.drop.rewind are ambitious, but not looking to play exclusively to college students just yet. 

Fracture Type - Fracture Type


stop.drop.rewind - Hold It Over Me




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