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Light and shade: Freedom Fry and Lolita Terrorist Sounds review

Freedom Fry and Lolita Terrorist Sounds review

Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Prison Song

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Swans, Anna von Hausswolff, Nick Cave and the bad Seeds, Einstürzende Neubauten

Lolita Terrorist Sounds are looking to become experts in the art of attention-grabbing on their single Prison Song.

One of the greatest things about being in a rock band is the number of things you’re allowed to get away with. I’m not talking about driving a Rolls Royce through a swimming pool or flying a jet plane without a license. The days of Keith Moon and John Bonham are long gone. 

But, just try having a fit inside a supermarket and see where that gets you? Try telling your friends what you really feel about the modern world? Wear your most daring outfits and see how many friends you make? 

Grabbing an audience’s attention is an art in itself. And, it’s one that is lost one most people. Lolita Terrorist Sounds are looking to revive it. Prison Song is a prime example. This is confrontational post-punk. The kind that The Birthday Party might play and start a riot. And, it’s a great example of what Berlin does to a young artist. Lolita Terrorist Sounds presents music in a way that is hard to ignore. 

Freedom Fry – Ego Trip

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Freedom Fry, on their single Ego Trip, prove that 60s psychedelic-pop had no business of ever going away. 

Music trends will always come and go at an amazing pace. Supposedly, it’s pop culture’s way of refreshing. Make the wrong sounds, or make misguided fashion choices and you’re out of the race. It’s all because pop music needs to reflect the needs of its public, right? 

Well, what if the greatest music simply comes from an imagination that is unaffected by the ills of the world? What if the 60s dreamers were right? If that’s true, then their formulas should never go away, merely be updated. 

That is what Freedom Fry seem to believe. Ego Trip sounds like the kind of indie-pop The Beatles might have created in an alternative universe where George Harrison ended up leading into a new decade. Freedom Fry believe in beautiful melodies, in self-discovery and in delivering music that warms the soul and the bones in equal measure. 

Lolita Terrorist Sounds - Prison Song


Freedom Fry - Ego Trip




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