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Friendship Commanders discuss their fight for social justice, musical heroes, and living in Nashville

friendship commanders

In a thrilling interview, I’ve recently had the chance to interview the hard rockin’ duo Friendship Commanders.

While after an initial listen it would be tempting to classify them as stoner rock, or, even, sludge metal, a more concentrated observation will reveal a group whose work goes well beyond that.

In fact, the duo talked to us about what it’s like to share the stage with well-known stoner groups, how they manage to harness the dynamics of playing live as a duo, and what living and working in Nashville, a veritable songwriting Mecca, is like for them.

The group has also endorsed a number of social causes. Recently, their single Stonechild, received nationwide attention, a fact with which the musicians are thrilled. Friendship Commanders wanted to shine a light on the death of Stonechild Chiefstick, a Chippewa Cree man. The song’s titular character was, allegedly, killed in a confrontation with police. The musicians say that they wish the song to reflect the period of upheaval felt through the U.S.A. and the world.

The full interview with Friendship Commanders can be viewed here.

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