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Full-time punks – New musical releases – August 2020

Bi-Product – Little Bitch

Bi-Product is an Australia’s meets So-Cal Punk Rock unit, formed by Liv Roush and featuring members of The Overrides. Here’s our review of their single Little Bitch

Bi-Product deals with the horrors of sexual assault through punk rock, a persuasive tool used by great artists through recent decades. There’s a rage across this, some humor, and like some of its predecessors (L7, Bikini Kill) a great rock n roll voice at the heart of it all.

It may sound obvious, and excuse me for sounding so banal, but although punk rock may not save us from many of the terrors of the world, it certainly helps improve it.

Constant Care – 77

Constant Care is the recording and performing project of Madrid-based songwriter Fergus Brady. Here’s our review of 2020 single “77”.

Spanish punk unit Constant Care make music inspired by the funk-punk politics of Fugazi, and the tense sounds of Gang of Four.

Their single “77” mirrors the violence that is sometimes part of the punk scenes, as well as the sense of obligation of adhering to it and its message. Some lyrics may risk getting lost in translation, but “This is not a lifestyle choice!” is a lovely rock slogan that sums up things nicely.

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