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Future retro reviews – August 2020

The Dangaleros - Splat Kat

Jack Simchak – Kings and Queens

Jack Simchak is a singer/multi-instrumentalist whose music is reminiscent of rock and roll from from 1980s US landscape. Here’s our review of “Kings and Queens“.

Jack Simchak claims to be inspired by rock n roll from the Reagan era. I didn’t live those times but watched plenty of Bruce Springsteen interviews to form an opinion. Things were dreary in most parts of the world, less so in the U.S. where an actor was in office, as far as I can gather.

Simchak is a pro, with songwriting and production values that remind me of big-budget radio singles like Don Henley’s essential opus. From the voice to the reverb and delays that caress the guitars, this is retro-cool that you may not have been expecting.

The Dangaleros – Splat Kat

The DANGALEROS are a “Wreck ‘n Roll” band formed along the US-MEXICO border in 2017. They are inspired by Roger Miller, Brian Setzer, Stray Cats. Here’s a review of “Splat Kat”.

The Dangaleros sound like a side-project of the Stray Cats’ Brian Setzer. There’s a swing rhythm involved, along with near psychobilly pulsating guitar, but the electro-flourishes make this sound like retro music set in the future.

There’s something classy about a hollow-body guitar making the country-rock noises it was designed to make. The Dangaleros have an interesting vision and it’ll be worth keeping an eye on them.

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