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What Alternative: Future Waves and Tea Eater Reviewed

Future Waves and Tea Eater Reviewed

Tea Eater – Double

Genre: Alternative Rock

Tea Eater’s “Double” is a quirky, clever piece of alternative rock that would likely go over the heads of trendy pop-punks and crusty classic-rock rock fans like an unpredictably tall wave about to create a splashout. 

It’s, of course, hard to define just what constitutes “alt-rock.” This is because, more than actual sounds, the genre is defined by a series of loose strategies. Anything that would feel out of place in the kind of song that would get played on the radio can be utilised.  

While the character of the performers is very important, they reveal themselves as the folks who either don’t take themselves too seriously or take themselves too seriously but who would never have been allowed to audition for blink-182 or Eagles. 

Tea Eater’s “Double” is an instinctive, unpolished alt-rock tune with comedic and horror overtones. It sounds as if it was written and recorded in someone’s kitchen. It sounds like it is meant to amuse and entertain rather than impress. And, it rings true, like the kind of music shared by a friend, not by a potential music sales rep. 

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Future Waves – Wax

Similar artists: Quicksand, Rival Schools, Handsome, Foo Fighters, Hum

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Rock

Much of your success in this life will be determined by how well you learn to tell a story. It doesn’t have to be a new story, either. You don’t need to invent new characters and plots. In fact, doing so will just confuse your potential audiences. But you won’t be able to simply recycle old tales and pass them off as your own as well. 

It’s sad to say, but someone narrating the greatest tragedy that occurred in their life could be much more boring than someone masterfully telling you how they bought pickles at the store. In art, as in life, there’s no good excuse to ever be boring. And the ones who are plagued by this disease don’t get many phone calls or birthday greetings. It’s how it is. 

Future Waves’ “Wax” isn’t just a loving tribute to 1990s alt-rock but a reinterpretation and a new spinning of the old yarn. Cynicism is easily detected in such affairs, but not here. “Wax” is aggressive, well-crafted and told to listeners as if it is the kind of drama that they absolutely need to know about. It’s a winner. 

Tea Eater - Double


Future Waves - Wax




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