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Garage Inc. – New music reviews – August 2020

Goofy Cow - Hopeless

Howlin’ Circus – Let Your Love Burn Out

Howlin’ Circus is an indie rock/garage rock band inspired by groups like the Black Keys and the White Stripes. Here’s a review of their single “Let Your Love Burn Out”

Fierce students of North American leather-jacket-cool, Howlin’ Circus make a garage rock sound reminiscent of the Black Keys, Black Pistol Fire, and rock-duos of a similar ilk.

I’ve always professed that this is the kind of sound that will never really age and Howlin’ Circus are one of the groups confirming my visions.

Goofy Cow – Hopeless

Goofy Cow is a rock band from Olomouc, Czech Republic. They make a mixture of rap, rock and electronica. Here’s our review of “Hopeless”.

Goofy Cow (Excellent name!) are unlikely to be invited to a festival headlined by someone like Greta van Fleet. Or, for that matter, they are unlikely to be that favorites of anyone interested exclusively in music created pre-1974.

Don’t scoff at them! The group finds a way of mixing a few genres that have historically not been greeted with an A+ on the “cool rating”. They are a hybrid of rock, rap, electro, in a production that is very well done. Have a listen to what talent and decent DAW knowledge can produce!

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