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Terror pond: Garage Rodeo and Cinemartyr review

Garage Rodeo and Cinemartyr review

Cinemartyr – Terms And Conditions

Genre: Noise Rock, Industrial, Math Rock

Similar artists: The Mars Volta, Daughters, Black Midi, At The Drive In, Swans, Nine Inch Nails, Death Grips

All sorts of varieties of noisy rock music exist today. Not only that, but it’s readily available. Imagine being a kid stuck in a small town having to order Cannibal Corpse tapes through the mail. Nailing cats to your door might have seemed less bizarre to your neighbours. 

But, for some, even the sounds of today’s modern metal bands are a bit too predictable. After all, the world isn’t violent in predictable terms. There’s no chorus that follows the verse, or anything like that to rely on. 

Cinemartyr sounds like would-be kidnappers with a clear manifesto on Terms And Conditions. It’s not one that is easily comprehensible, of course. This makes Cinemarty all the more terrifying. Much like the world, it’s violent in a way that is irrational and unpredictable. Like collapsing new buildings maybe. 

Garage Rodeo – Polar Bear Rising

Genre: Hard Rock, Grunge, Doom Metal / Sludge

Similar artists: Nirvana, The Wytches, Queens of the Stone Age

If you were a big fan of the last few rock fabs to gain international attention, you might be disappointing. The revolutions fizzled out. The revolutionaries got depressed and acquired a beer gut. Most of them anyway. 

But, throw all this valuable knowledge at kids and expect nothing great to happen? No chance! The new grunge or desert rock bands can always happen. Not only because fate has a habit of putting these things together. It’s also because they’ve got the manual to the revolution on how to make this happen. 

Garage Rodeo is an alt-rock band with a few great riffs and immense confidence in the fact that these are just what the world needs. Polar Bear Rising is ridiculously catchy as if the alt-rock coup was always imminent. 

Cinemartyr - Terms And Conditions


Garage Rodeo - Polar Bear Rising




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