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Garden Station and Reverbcrush Reviewed

Garden Station and Reverbcrush Reviewed

Garden Station – Everybody Has to Go Home

Genre: Punk, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

There’s an unwritten protocol about when, in the middle of a concert, you can sneak outside for a cigarette break or a stroll to the bathroom. The exact time depends on a number of factors, not least of all whether you are acquainted with the musicians and how much you paid for the tickets. 

But, regardless, if all the band’s songs up to that point have sounded pretty much the same, nobody will bat an eye if you step outside in between the third and fourth songs. In fact, regardless of an audience’s willingness to enjoy the music and their night out, playing the same style of song over and over again is a surefire way to wear the listeners out. 

No, the audience must be made to cry, laugh and dance, and not at the same time. Who can do that? They can demand whatever amount of money for their entertainment services. 

Garden Station’s “Everybody Has to Go Home” is the group’s party number, a danceable country-rock tune meant to be played between the third and fourth set of the night. It’s something to get people moving and yelling. It’s an Old 97’s-like song meant to warm people up, make them feel good and prepare to however more songs are on the set. It ought to put a smile on your face and have you remember you had time to listen to Garden Station. Perfect set design. 

Reverbcrush – TURN MYSELF IN

Genre: Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Good rock n’ roll is the closest thing to driving into a concrete wall at 100 km/h hour without getting so much as a scratch. At it’s best it manages to capture the excitement of sex, fighting, and winning the lottery all in one. It’s an illusion, yes. There’s no doubt about that. Just like every magic trick, however, there are only a few folks who can genuinely convince you that the rabbit did come out of the hat in the first place. 

Reverbcrush are looking to join that elite tribe of exciting, unpolished garage-rock bands that sounds like they want to start a fistfight with their audience. These groups are real rock n’ roll heroes; they’re often unsung, and they’re not very many to keep us supplied with what we need. 

There is no refinement to Reverbcrush’s “TURN MYSELF IN”, and yet this is not the band of your typical newbie rockers learning how to operate their amps. No, the music sounds like someone bellyflopping onto the pavement, smiling and doing it again. It’ll be hard to keep this kind of level of excitement and energy going. Those hits can wear on you. But if they somehow manage to keep themselves as deranged sounding as they do on this single, Reverbcrush will see the world and maybe even own it.

Garden Station - Everybody Has to Go Home


Reverbcrush - TURN MYSELF IN




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