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Gavin Maguda and Mother Sun Reviewed

Gavin Maguda and Mother Sun Reviewed

Gavin Maguda – Who Am I To Say (Time Version)

Similar artists: The Beatles, Ben Folds, Sufjan Stevens, Andy Shauf

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

It’s nearly Christmas of 2023, and The Beatles have a brand new single that’s reached number one across the global charts. Even weirder is the fact that their old pals, The Rolling Stones, are dominating the album charts. Music marketing gurus are baffled, managers are asking their clients to get a Paul McCartney haircut, and everyone involved with those rock groups that made their debut in the 1960s are making a killing. 

Gavin Maguda knows what those days sounded like and is keeping the spirit alive without falling into the trap of giving in to nostalgia. The artist understands that what truly defined the fabled sounds of the 1960s, and The Beatles, in particular, was a desire to place creativity ahead of every other gimmick. 

Gavin Maguda’s “Who Am I to Say” is music made in a sacred space in which the artist seems afraid of not being kicked out. The sounds play out nearly as a whisper. The songs contains playful brass lines, cute piano progressions, and celestial Beatles vocal melodies. Isn’t that enough to put you in a good mood or to make you want to endorse your own creativity?

Mother Sun – Good Morning

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Did Brian Wilson’s U.S.A. really exist, or was it just a dream? Well, that makes as much sense as asking if Pablo Picasso’s subjects really had square heads or if Walter Disney held rats as pets in order to gain inspiration. At its best, pop art simply allows us to dream when reality would be much more comfortable to think of and much less inspiring. 

Mother Sun’s music belongs to a similar world of make-believe. But, in 2023, it is a world in which connecting is not easy. It is a realm that can’t be easily described, not even by someone whose mind has resided there for a long time. It’s a talent to live up to hope in a time where bad news is most of what each of us hears on a daily basis. So it goes. 

Mother Sun’s “Good Morning” may well sound, if you’re among the lucky few who enjoyed a pleasant childhood, like a musical flashback of your days as a kid. It is colourful, cheerful and powered by a whistled cartoonish falsetto. This all might disguise the sophisticated efficiency of the songwriting. Like The Beach Boys, the closest correspondent to Mother Sun, this pop opera is dedicated to something higher. 

Gavin Maguda - Who Am I To Say (Time Version)


Mother Sun - Good Morning




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