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Gay Baseball – Gingerette (Review)

Gay Baseball - Gingerette

If they were hiring actors for a punk-rock version of the Monkeys, and only needed two members, they might as well get the folks from Gay Baseball. That’s in no way a criticism on their overall abilities. Rather, while they do sound as lo-fi as you can get without actually recording your album on a boombox, they are the bands you wish you would have started with your friends. They’re relatable, got the cute melodies down, and are sheepishly, humorously doing their best to represent their culture. 

Gingerette is that kind of single. More melodic than the Dead Milkmen, less self-reflective than Drive like Jehu. The Baltimore rock collective shines in creating a small, pretty sound that might as well be a taped garage rehearsal. It’s the kind of music you’re either in on, or not willing to give a second thought. If you do invest the time in the group, they may just be your very-own Ramones. 

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