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Hard grip: Gaylips and Spank Williams reviewed

Gaylips and Spank Williams reviewed

Spank Williams – Lebron James Minor Boogie

Early on in his career, Tom Waits may have inadvertently written one of the Eagles’ biggest hits, but few musicians have been more removed from that world of ear-pleasing rock n’ roll as him. 

Signed to the same manager as Frank Zappa, and forced to open for him on occasion, developing a growl a la Captain Beefheart that would frighten the Devil himself, and interested in all forms of avant-garde sounds and writing, Waits has always been a little too hip for regular meat and potatoes audiences of rock n’ roll. 

Spank Williams some of that ambition to confound and astound on their cheekily titled Lebron James Minor Boogie. Much like the Captain and his Magic Band, the composition sounds designed in minute detail to sound like a car breaking down, numerous voices of people crying in unison, or a musical arrangement skidding off the rails. Either way, we recommend listening to this at the end of a difficult day. You’re unlikely to ever feel as lousy as this purposely does.

Gaylips – D.E.B

Our ear canals and the brains attached to them are enslaved by pretty pop melodies, and our eyes seem practically designed to always be gazing at the latest, most beautiful stars that the entertainment industry has to offer. 

It takes guts to create something ugly on purpose and stick stubbornly to it. It certainly makes us want to pay attention as we did from the first moment that we heard Gaylips. The rock world has made technical advancements that have allowed musicians to play incredibly complex pieces of music. We’re glad to report that it sounds like that revolution has totally passed this band by. And, we may all the better of for it. The human brain has built-in responses to aggressive, primitive actions for a reason. Those are there to wake us up from our stupor and let us know we have to get going. This is what D.E.B. does.

Gaylips sound like a cartoon depiction of savages attacking the brave Western explorers and getting them ready to be boiled in their stew. But, as they’ll tell you, “if you don’t think for yourself, someone else will.” Many times, our thoughts need a bit of shakeup, and, often, the feeling of discomfort is the price of our brains and bodies adapting to new challenges. We’re enthralled by their manic, punk sound and their seeming, desire to avoid any sensible pop-hook at all costs. 

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