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Mix-up: Ghost Horse and Dino Skatepark review

Ghost Horse and Dino Skatepark review

Dino Skatepark – Influence

Genre: Ska, Progressive Metal / Djent, Math Rock

Similar artists: Every Time I Die, Protest the Hero, Set it Off, Streetlight Manifesto, Thank You Scientist

Most artists spend their whole lives hoping for a tragedy all of their very own. You see, it’s widely believed that suffering makes creative art better. What with all those stories of folks cutting off their ears, getting their hearts broken, or turning their lives to sludge, it’s bound to be true, right? The happiest, most fulfilled kinds of people are rarely seen dragging heavy musical gear across town. 

But, while there might be, at the very least, a grain of truth to that story, these artists often look for tragedy in all the wrong places. Many of them are so insistent on finding just the right mix, that they ignore what is under their noses. Or, what once was. 

Anybody’s teenage years, normally, provide a wealth of information and inspiration. Truly, concept albums of the kin that Yes might have written are hidden in those memories. Yet, most artists turn their noses up at reliving those days. 

Dino Skatepark’s Influence sounds like the ideal teenage band. It’s not that they’re immature. It’s the fact that they are wide-eyed and able to play circles around most bands. It’s also the fact that giddily mix metal with ska and anything else that they think they might want to throw into the mix. Dino Skatepark is the band that you always wished that you could start as a teenager, but were unwilling to practice enough. And, now, you don’t even remember what those days felt like. Cruel twist!

Ghost Horse – Stand Stan

Genre: Americana, Jazz, Cinematic / Epic Music

Similar artists: Bill Frisell, Jaga Jazzist, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Cinematic Orchestra

The internet has changed the way that we appreciate weird music. It’s made most of us desensitized to the musical eeriness. It has made a lot more people have to dig a lot deeper through various sites fill repute in order to find sounds that would shock their friends. And, although I have no statistics on hand, it must have greatly affected the sales of Trout Mask Replica.

You see uttered phrases like “You won’t believe what this sounds like“, or “These guys must be crazy“, or, even, “We’ll never manage to get that high” are memories that any music fan wishing to share their love of music with their friends, will cherish. Musical trolling ain’t what it used to be, I’m afraid and true weirdos and eccentrics are harder to come by. 

Ghost Horse didn’t go to the Conservatory for nothing, and they’ll use all of their extensive tools to shock you on Stand Stan. The shock doesn’t come in the form of yells, screams, or creepy whispers. Instead, they craft a very polished, jazz-influenced soundtrack to a horror-western tragedy. You’ll have to design your own sets and fix the plot in your mind, but it will be worth it. And, of course, you may end up asking yourself “What are these folks on?” Which will be satisfying. The answer, probably, is Adderall and a subscription to Musicians Weekly. 

Dino Skatepark - Influence


Ghost Horse - Stand Stan




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