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Every bit as bittersweet: Glom and Fake Shark release new singles

Glom and Fake Shark release new singles

Glom – Toes

We’ve had the chance to review Glom’s music before. In the time that has passed, they’ve become no less reflective, and their music has remained just as bittersweet. It all adds up to the feeling of a slow walk through the rain, without an umbrella. 

Unlike the cold-inducing stroll, hearing the Glom’s wistful blend of indie-rock is good for you. The minimalist guitar and keyboard riffs, the tight but understated rhythm section, the evocative singing provide a friendly look in the abyss. 

The lyrics deal with the feeling of hopelessness brought about by major anxieties and insecurities. Much like the Smiths, LCD Soundsystem, or, likely, many of your favourite indie bands, Glom are preoccupied with writing letters to their fans in the form of indie-pop tunes.  

Fake Shark – Your Woman (White Town Cover)

Your Woman was one of the strangest, catchiest songs of the 90s. One-hit wonders, as the song by White Town is often labelled, are weird and disconnected from popular music generally, but this one is a pop-tune from a time that never has or will exist. 

The challenge of making the song even weirder, yet retaining the sonic ear-candy, must have dogged Fake Shark for a while. They’ve managed just that and created a cover that sounds both intimate and imbued with the band’s love of modern electronica.

What’s more, it’s a really nifty trick they pull off here. Everyone covers THAT Jeff Buckley song that’s really a Leonard Cohen song. Every punk band feels obliged to do a Sex Pistols number. I wish they didn’t!

This cover retains what’s always felt fresh and otherworldly about this song and adds the band’s own quirks and opinions on sound production. 

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