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Double dip trip: Glutenhead and Morningless reviewed

Glutenhead and Morningless reviewed

Glutenhead – Naked in Toronto

We all know about various communities dealing with highly sensitive issues that have only been made worse by the pandemic and everything that has happened in the previous year. But, what about the hipsters? Surely, we must think of them as well. After all, acquiring the most exquisite sort of taste means little when you have nobody to impress.

What happens to the lonely hipster? Judging by Glutenhead’s Naked in Toronto, they go to pieces, start writing a psychedelic-goth record, and infuse it with more madness than could be summoned by the kind of powders fabricated in somebody’s bathtub. 

Naked in Toronto is eccentric but attention-grabbing. It sounds like a lost Neutral Milk Hotel tune, like the very last song they might have recorded before a mental breakdown. It’s neither honest nor facetious. It’s art for eccentricity’s sake, and sometimes this is exactly what we need. Now altogether I haaate my life!

Morningless – III – The Monk

What does the unsigned artist tell the A&R man? “I have so many albums of material ready to share with the world!”. All cracks aside, ambition is one of the most underrated virtues of a modern musician. Swiss musical project Morningless is anything if not ambitious. 

“III – The Monk“, as you might gather from the name that seems lifted from an unreleased mid-1970s Yes album, is part of a larger picture. The entire work treads through various styles, textures, and genres. While this song is one of the most accessible, it is also a good point of introduction to the artist’s work. 

The song features a playful piano melody anchored by confident, campy vocals reminiscent of British prog music. The chorus offers the singer the opportunity to exercise his higher register. The arrangement and flourishes of guitar leads and layered vocals help give a hint towards the full scope of the music of Morningless. Well recommended for those that need a bit more work out into their pop hits. 

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