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With Clenched Fists: GNASHERS and Planeetta 9 Reviews

GNASHERS and Planeetta 9 Reviews

Planeetta 9 – Kuolleet vain muistaa

Similar artists: HIM, Ghost, Mastodon

Genre: Stoner Rock

Planeetta 9 tread bravely where other Northern European groups have trodden before, but the results are just as fun and anthemic. 

Bombastic rock music and horror are forever intertwined, for better or worse. It’s not exactly clear who of the two parties is getting the better deal out of it. But the secret has been out for a long time as rock bands are frequently tasked to soundtrack these kinds of films, and as modern rock often features horror themes. 

The connection has always existed in one form or another. Both art forms were loudly decried by general audiences when they first started making an impression. Neither was liked by art critics. And at their best, both achieved great success and made a colossal amount of money for the people involved. 

It’s great to see how horror rock is making a new dent in the charts. Planeetta 9’s “Kuolleet vain muistaa” is one the most convincing songs belonging to this modern style of music that mixes poppy vocals, stoner rock riffs, and lyrics that deal with thrilling, scary possibilities. We all need a little something to get our imagination running outside of the confines of our regular lives, and Planeetta 9 may well be of help. 

GNASHERS – Fortress

Similar artists: Bloc Party, The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Killers, Foals

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

GNASHERS are a band that gets by on a dynamic, familiar indie-rock sound and, more importantly, on the power of personal charisma. 

Rock music is, at the end of the day, a performative activity. Whether you are trying to persuade a live audience to back you or trying to get people hearing you through their headphones to lend you their support, you are trying to communicate. 

And just as it happened in silent films or in comedic theatre, big gestures always help sell the message. Audiences need to see a gigantic representation of emotion. They need to know exactly how happy or sad the performers are. This, however, separates the ones made for the stage from most of us hacks. 

GNASHERS’s “Fortress” is a great danceable indie-rock song a la early The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys. It’s so fun that you’ll want to play it a few times the first time that you hear it. But it also benefits from the kind of histrionic vocals that are a rare find in this kind of genre, the kind that instantly communicate emotion and that are hard to ignore and easy to separate from the pack. 

Planeetta 9 - Kuolleet vain muistaa


GNASHERS - Fortress




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