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gods and The Delta Shake Reviewed

gods and The Delta Shake Reviewed

gods – Boogie Monster

Similar artists: Ty Segall, King Tuff, T. Rex

Genre: Classic Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock n’ roll is the silliest serious thing there is. How can you argue with a thing that makes thousands rise to their feet and forget about themselves for a while? How can you argue with a thing over which people go gaga, tattoo it on their skin and use it as a way to define their entire personality? You can’t argue with that kind of evidence. 

But the very best rockstars are also mighty ridiculous. And they know it. And they accept and use it for all its worth. I betcha Marc Bolan never woke up and proclaimed himself to be the greatest poet of his generation. I betcha David Bowie never thought he was, one day, going to be praised as the sharpest-dressed man of his era. And, I betcha Bryan Ferry never thought his look and sound would be sampled by musicians decades on from when he made his records. 

gods’ “Boogie Monster” is marvellously silly and seriously good fun too. It sounds like a fuzzed-out, garage-rock tribute to T. Rex. It sounds like it wants nothing more than to see you dance and smile for a while. And, damn right, it sounds like the people responsible for the music are themselves laughing all the way through this. This kind of good time is hard to resist, but it’s not something with which we’re spoiled often anymore. 

The Delta Shake – I’ll Be Your Man

Genre: Garage rock

Many promising rock stars have been driven crazy by the idea that they needed to create the kinds of sounds that nobody had ever heard before. Some of them sought gurus, some of them drank themselves to death, and there were even those who got jobs in supermarkets trying to save up for the latest synthesizers. And, clearly, that’s no way to live. 

Their unstable condition could’ve been simply pushed over the edge if they were to learn just what was going on over at the camp of caveman rockers. Just hear their songs! They’re not trying to innovate but leaning heavily on the greatest tricks of vintage rockers. They’re not looking for a new look or any gimmicks because they firmly believe that great things don’t need much alteration. I tend to agree with that lot. 

The Delta Shake’s “I’ll Be Your Man” is meant to sound like the greatest good time you could’ve had circa 1966 in a barn, hearing a band torturing their poor, cheap equipment. There’s nothing sophisticated here and everything meant to make you think of a good time. It’s blues-rock played like no other style of music matters. And when I hear it, I tend to agree with this lot.

gods - Boogie Monster


The Delta Shake - I'll Be Your Man




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