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Groove together: Good Lekker and Wah Together review

Good Lekker and Wah Together review

Good Lekker – Belligerence

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: Two Door Cinema Club, The Jungle Giants

As we speak, “serious musicians” wearing hoodies and leather jackets are assembling. They’re angry. They want a piece of the indie-pop artists making the rounds of the big festivals. It’s a matter of honour. 

Surely, music that makes the public dance can’t be taken seriously. What about all the things that are wrong in the world? Why don’t listeners want more of that? Fast guitar solos? Thirty-minute drum solos? Philosophical lyrics? Come on!

Good Lekker are having none of it. Belligerence finds them as mystery men about town, dance fanatics interested in clothes, and funky beats. If that doesn’t work they’re ready to let you have with a hooky synth riff. The “serious musicians” will be going berserk. 

Wah Together – You Got The Blues

Genre: Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Deerhoof, Broadcast, Stereolab, LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Longwave

Modern record labels struggle to survive. The people who run them know this. It’s why, those are people that are either in a carefully disguised scheme or are enormously passionate about running a music label. 

In order for them to thrive, they take chances on numerous artists. Their hope is that one or two of those will tickle the public’s fancies. Chances of that happening are usually slim. If the label finds one artist that corresponds to that description, they’re usually happy. 

Few labels offer the consistent level of quality of Berlin’s Dedstrange. The labels has old-fashioned beliefs. Wah Together, like most of the other artists working with the label, stays true to both a level of quality and an aesthetic that have come to define Dedstrange. 

Wah Together’s You got the blues sounds like a garage-rock band discovering Neu! The music is relentless, repetitive, hypnotic. The guitar parts are simple and gripping. It’s music to serve a bar hop to the best dives in town. 

Good Lekker - Belligerence


Wah Together - You Got The Blues




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