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Growing up is giving up: The Dirty Nil and DE8ED reviewed


It’s interesting how different groups of people want to be given a moratorium over angry music. Those same groups tend to also make a big deal about how it affects certain demographics. Limp Bizkit, for better or worse, spoke to millions of youths, but they’re often used as a punchline as if those kids’ anger was somehow illegitimate. But, why should we assume that those feelings were less truthful than punk or rap? 

Yes, DE8ED take a lot of their cues from the rap-rock that was so popular during the early 2000s. Mostly they take their break stuff bravado and add a few more modern, angry rock touches derived from Djent and Metalcore to the mix. 

If you look past the aesthetic which may not be everybody’s cup of tea, you’ll notice some seriously dedicated artists. Their art is sonic brutality, and they employ everything (rap vocals, DJ scratches, down-tuned riffs etc.) to achieve their barbaric vision. In a world of fashionistas and influencers, it’s interesting to hear a band this disinterested in trends. 

The Dirty Nil – One More And The Bill

Oh, fans of 90s happy grunge, never say there’s nothing left out there for you again! Take a look at The Dirty Nil and your troubles away. It’s certainly what they’ve been doing in preparation for the song One More And The Bill, an ode to getting hammered in a bid to forget the unavoidable, yet hilarious, troubles that await the majority of us. 

Indeed, The Dirty Nil sounds like a bunch of folks who’d make excellent company for a night out on the town. It’s not just their self-professed love of liquor and hatred of responsibilities. Frankly, they sound relatable. And, certainly, this is a weird thing to hear in a rock number. Most bands are either too busy trying to look cool or trying to sound witty. 

No. Here’s a band that’d rather have a simple life and is anxious to write about what they know. They also like to rock out a bit, and the old distortion pedal comes in handy for that. And, they know a good melody and a nice picture of a dog when they see them. 

If KISS were alt-rock slackers, they’d be playing The Dirty Nil songs. 

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Eduard Banulescu is a writer, blogger, and musician. As a content writer, Eduard has contributed to numerous websites and publications, including FootballCoin, Play2Earn, BeIN Crypto, Business2Community, NapoliSerieA, Extra Time Talk, Nitrogen Sports, Bavarian FootballWorks, etc. He has written a book about Nirvana, hosts a music podcasts, and writes weekly content about some of the best, new and old, alternative musicians. Eduard also runs and acts as editor-in-chief of the alternative rock music website Mr. Banulescu is also a musician, having played and recorded in various bands and as a solo artist.
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