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If the flower pot starts speaking to you: Half Shadow and Lunacy review

Half Shadow and Lunacy review

Lunacy – Glyph

Genre: Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Chrome, SeeFeel, Flying Saucer Attack, Brian Eno

Lunacy creates a police sketch of moody electronica with the single Glyph.

Did people look towards the future with more dread? They certainly had fewer details to go by when predicting it. In fact, even would-be artists looking to copy their heroes had to do so by approximating their work. Many of the true musical weirdos, for example, didn’t have their works readily available in every store of every city. 

It helped produce unique, even more, extreme variants of alternative music. From David Bowie to Throbbing Gristle, alternative musicians sold records all over the world. Arguably, the ones that cherished them most were people living outside of urban centres, unable to see their favourite bands live, working to build a collection of records. 

Lunacy’s Glyph sounds maniacal as if looking to outdo some kind of imagined rival. It feels like the sound created by someone creating alternative music going by only someone’s faint description. It’s the cover of a song that never existed. Lunacy creates music for a would-be cult. 

Half Shadow – Song for the Garden

Genre: Psychedelic / Freak Folk, Indie Folk, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Mount Eerie, Mega Bog, Yves Jarvis, Brigitte Fontaine, Marisa Anderson

Half Shadow uses stumbling as a strategy to create a unique sound on Song for the Garden.

It’s hard not to know what kind of music most people like. Even if you have no particular interest in the history of pop music, you’ve been bombarded by enough information to get a pretty good idea of people’s preferences. Does anyone really like Yesterday that much? Maybe not anymore. Was likely not even the best song McCartney wrote that week That won’t stop people from covering it. 

Musicians can’t avoid knowing that either. And, they can’t avoid wanting for their work to be liked. When their knowledge and their understanding come together, the results are often highly predictable. Most songs become copies of copies, desperate pleas for the public’s affection. 

Jesse Carsten’s Half Shadow takes a different approach. All charts and maps are thrown away, and stumbling in the dark for new sounds is seen as a virtue. Perhaps this is why Song for the Garden has the rare distinction of being a song that sounds very little like anything else. It’s a pretty, strange, twisted little song that seems to exist in a world where nobody’s heard Yesterday yet. 

Lunacy - Glyph


Half Shadow - Song for the Garden




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