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The new classic: HATHORS and Bang Bang Jet Away review

HATHORS and Bang Bang Jet Away review

Bang Bang Jet Away – Belief Clings

Genre: Classic Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: T-Rex, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed

For some, “lipstick rock” as John Lennon might have called was something that could inspire endless courage. It was with posters of David Bowie, Mick Jagger, or Marc Bolan that an entire generation of destitute youths began finding their place in the world. And, no matter how much resistance they meet, they knew that somewhere there was someone weirder than them making a living of it. 

Just like the punks, or the metalheads, the glam-rockers didn’t merely want to look pretty. Their goal was to show their dissatisfaction with the times that they were living. And, in doing this, they were also able to show how easily the times could be changed, even if it meant modifying only the minds of a few teens stuck inside their bedrooms. 

Bang Bang Jet Away’s Belief Clings presents a group that has grown with posters of the great glam-rockers plastered on their walls. This is swaggering rock n’ roll born out of a few simple riffs, plenty of eyeliner, and carefully chosen clothes. Beyond everything, this is still a sound meant for outsiders. Will Bang Bang Jet Away’s heed the call?

HATHORS – The Valley

Similar artists: Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Pixies

Genre: Grunge, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock 

The old line about the world laughing with you, but leaving you to cry all by yourself sounds nice but isn’t entirely correct. If fate has dealt you the strange card of having been born in a small town, or a country at the very of the civilized world, you might be inclined to look upon wealthier neighbors with a sense of jealousy. But, as it turns out there is enough trouble to go around. And, once you’ve traveled the world a bit, you may even realize that mostly it’s the same everywhere. 

Now, people outside of Western and Northern Europe likely all have, largely, the same opinion about Switzerland. It’s supposed to be a rich and proper country. It is also supposed to be extremely relaxing to live here. This, for many, is code for boring. But, it’s alright because nothing truly terrible ever happens in Switzerland and nobody really decides to move there unless they are bankers or rock stars looking to evade the taxman. 

But, you’d be wrong. According to HATHORS’ The Valley the same sinister veil that covers most of the rest of the world has made its way to the Swiss canyons as well. HATHORS powerful alt-rock groove machine is a good background for the yarn they’re spinning. If we’re to believe them, the location that they’re singing about is one where people always have their curtains drawn, and where the nighttime is reserved for unspeakable acts. 

A quick drive through the Swiss countryside isn’t enough to convince non-natives of this. Instead, we may have to take the groups at their world. After all, given the high number of great Swiss rock groups that Alt77’s has had the pleasure of covering, surely, there must be something going on over there that goes beyond chocolate and cuckoo clocks. 

Bang Bang Jet Away - Belief Clings


HATHORS - The Valley




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