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Pull side fantasy: Hayden x Feist and MOONSYDE

xHayden x Feist and MOONSYDE


Similar artists: Foo Fighters, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, American Football, The Strokes, Free Nationals

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock music is meant to be heard. That’s why it’s so loud. Subtlety can be worked in successfully, but at the heart of it, rock tunes are meant to be played at high volume for crowds of people encouraged to sway to the groove. 

In an era where, for a variety of reasons, rock is no longer the dominant force globally in music, it’s easy to forget that. Music geniuses that lost their minds used to be the only ones trying to shrink down their audiences or put out low-key releases. 

For the one still dreaming of putting guitar-driven music in front of numerous people, the strategies for success don’t follow a clear pattern. It’s not like it used to be. Social media, modern production, trendy instrumentation. These are all potential weapons in the arsenal of a would-be hitmaker. 

MOONSYDE’s understands the power of creating a purposely modern record. IKKE! might sound like one for the kids, but there is considerable depth underneath all of this. This is a battle cry for all artists who might feel hard done by the current climate. It’s a call for bravery. 

Hayden x Feist – On A Beach 

Similar artists: Gord Downie, The Constantines, Pavement, Smog, Bill Callahan, Iron & Wine, Jim Guthrie, Neil Young

Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Pop

Pop music may have always favored escapism, but few of its supporters really ever complained about this. Who wants to think of their worries and responsibilities when feeling a groove and dancing? 

Other genres that appeared as a consequence may have flattered themselves by claiming to be representing reality as it really was. But they quickly got lost in their own fantasies, one from which their supporters didn’t want to get untangled. 

Heavy metal music is a fantasy of wizards fighting demons. Punk-rock is a fantasy of regular people fighting authority. And progressive-rock is the fantasy of having the world care about complex song structures and polyphony. 

All of pop music is a fantasy as Hayden x Feist’s On A Beach will let you know. The song is a softly-spoken spell meant to calm the nerves and reintroduce the listener into the frame of mind with which they’re most comfortable. Its lyrics tell the tale of a couple hypnotizing each other to be back in love, and one can’t feel that the songwriter is trying to use the same tricks on the listeners. 



Hayden x Feist - On A Beach 




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