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Heather Porcaro – OH NO! (Review)

Heather Porcaro - OH NO!

Heather Porcaro’s performance on recent single “OH NO!” shows how the proverbial apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It may be annoying for the artist to have critics harken on the same issue, but, it remains striking just how warm, and radio-friendly her song is, a trait shared with the music produced by her talented father. 

“OH NO!” draws inspiration from the sound of 1960s girl-bands and boogie piano. It features flawless backing vocals, and well-balanced drums and synths. Lyrically, Ms Porcaro channels nostalgia and a fair bit of gallows humour. Her vocals are pleasant and show a good deal of character. 

Heather Porcaro’s single is playful and well-produced, a stylish drama club performance helmed by an industry pro.
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