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Build a bit of mystery for yourself: hhhhhh and La Sanyea Dengue reviewed by Alt77

hhhhhh and La Sanyea Dengue reviewed by Alt77

La Sanyea Dengue – Dimensional Mystery Tour

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Garage Rock

If you grew up in a small town in a big country, or in a smaller nation where rock music isn’t exactly a priority, chances are that you will be overwhelmed when you do visit a city where seemingly endless communities of weirdo rock fans hang out, and exchange fashion tips, and songs. 

Frankly, these cities are wonderful. And, once you do get over the initial shock of seeing hordes of people dressed in black, or wearing bondage gear, or looking like they’ve just stepped off a Viking ship, you will likely understand this as a kind of organized chaos. Gloomy, horror-inspired rock is a wonderful subculture that people across the world are accessing. 

La Sanyea Dengue, a group from Borlänge, Sweden speaks this language fluently. Dimensional Mystery Tour sounds like driving a motorboat through a haunted swamp. It’s part camp, part genuine thrills. If you’re not prepared to get on board, you may still want to sit back and admire the careful work and upholstery. 

hhhhhh – the garden

Genre: Indie Folk, Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Rock

The greatest of rock stars and potential rock stars are the ones that don’t seem as if they could realistically have come out of any normal family, town, or school. They look and sound as if they’ve been raised by wolves and then, inexplicably dropped into the world for our enjoyment. 

It’s hard to find many of these anymore. For all their originality, their quicks are also enough to keep corporate endorsements away. And, where would the modern music industry be without selling a few cans of soft drinks? 

hhhhhh feels like that kind of rock star. Where others of his generation struggle to impress, the singer seems to be comfortably unimpressed. The garden sounds like a songwriter building a treehouse up in the 1960s and inhabiting it. Don’t let it fool you though. It’s not all weirdness on display. hhhhhh is keen to live in his own garden where “No one shall tell me what to think or feel“. If that’s not a bit of rock n’ roll, I don’t know what is. 

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