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Big deep parade: Hill Top Swim Club and TRSH review

Hill Top Swim Club and TRSH review

TRSH – Puckerup Buttercup

Genre: Math Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Hot mulligan, mom jeans, pool kids, chon, into it over it

In many ways, emo-math-rockers are punk-rockers with less interest in fashion. And, although their influences have been around for a long time, the precise combination that gives these modern breeds of rockers their distinctive sound, could have only occurred today. 

Just like the punks, there’s not much that the world has to offer the math-rockers. Their music is usually a battle cry against the world that keeps interfering in their lives. Just like punks, they reject classic rock principles. Unlike them, however, they love to practice their scales. And, just like the punks, their music sounds bizarre to all those who are not deeply connected with the style.

TRSH bring zen Buddhist diligence for practicing and Christian love for self-flagellation on their single Puckerup Buttercup. It’s a love song that sounds like a death threat and a rocker that sounds designed by a jazz student as a dare. It’s a song that is exclusive to its time and a good representation of what’s truly punk these days. Math and perfect guitar sweeping. 

Hill Top Swim Club – Pt. II (no. 1)

Genre: Krautrock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: CAN, Radiohead, Spoon, Interpol, Elliott Smith

There are bands who share their love of their record collection through every single song that they record. But, there are also groups that share not just their love, but also their feeling that they could have done a better job at recording those classic songs that comprise their collections. 

It’s one thing to flag your influences. It’s another to blatantly showcase them and add a “But, here’s what I would’ve done instead“. It’s this competitive drive that makes rock music the arms race that it is. And, after all, just like John Lennon thought, there’s nothing wrong with rearranging the chords to your favorite tunes to recycle into your very own. 

Hill Top Swim Club drive us through their music collection on Pt. II (no. 1), not to impress us, but to show us where they want their star to be displayed. Their krautrock, post-punk and British prog influences are evident. But, Hill Top Swim Club know better than simply copying and adding their own twist on every single-quoted line here. If you’re looking for an ambitious group of weirdos, look no further. 

TRSH - Puckerup Buttercup


Hill Top Swim Club - Pt. II (no. 1)




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